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Note: Ghoomes was the name of an area which runs from shahre-ray to nearly the place called Neyshaboor.



۱.International Relations & Politics

۲.Psychology, Training Science, Sociology

۳.Accounting & Monagement


۵.English Languge




Internations Relations and politic science

۱.Backward and Imperialism

By or.Homayoon Elahi ۴ the edition, ۲۰۰۱ ۱۶۲ Pgs

By Help Of the clear documents and statics, the author had. Tried to find the roots(sources) of present causes in rulling stature of economy and policy in Third world countries.


۲.World wide Starrtion & International Trade

By Prof. Assit Data Translated By Dr. H.Elahi ۲th edition.۱۹۹۲ ۱۵۴ Pgs,۳۰۰۰ Rls

In this book the writer realized one of the most important cause of back ward by this own experiences at East. This soriet expert did surrey them so comparitively. This book has worth guiding the eco-plitic program designers and experts,especially in process of country performance.


۳.Persian Gulf and its problems ‹‹The selected one in ۱۹۹۰››

By or. Homayoon Elahi ۷th edition ۲۰۰۴ ۳۵۰ Pgs,۲۳۰۰۰ Rls

The Persian Gulf stated are one of the most important eco-politic territory. The purpase of this book es offring readers the necessary information about the problems of these states and present foreign policien.


۴.War and Army socilogy By peter Memor

Translated by or.Mohammad.s.Mahdari and Dr.Ali.R.Azghandi ۱۶۰ Pgs,۱۵۰۰۰ Rls

The base of book consists of surreying the problems of war.Here the relations between society,war and army are completely surreyed.Beside the phenomens of»war«and the successess of militaries in social rerolution are considered with the exact measuring.


۵.Gorernment & Sovoet policy (Formal structure)

By Adam.B.Olam Translated by Ali.R.Tabe First edition,۱۹۸۹ ۱۷۸ Pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

This book is written in order to review domr poliyivsl tullinh in dobiry.Dr.Olam whose information about soviet are great,demonstrated the simu lation is machinary of soviet government so profoundly.It is worthy to say that He is a nice soriet-expert.


۶.Theories Of Revolution (new version)By Alwin Stanfowrd Kohen

translated By Alireza Tabe ۱۴th edition,۲۰۰۵ ۳۰۸ Pgs,۲۷۰۰۰ Rls

At first,the purpose of the book is explaining the reasons of revolution occuring.Next it is critical explanation about some of revolution’s models and theories and then the explaining of difterenc levels in isea list’s views and the causes of such differences.Translation of this rersion completed the subkects om tjos regars among persian versions.


۷.Security Of Eurape And Gorbachov

A report from europian strategic party translated by Ali.R.Tabe First edition,۱۹۹۰ ۲۱۴ Pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

In this book you can read a report regulating by a six-scientist group.Although there are various changes at world from ۱۹۸۸. Especially at europe,but most of their analyzing had; dentified and vsed as commanding solution facing soriet problems and vsed as a pattern for policimen in europian governments and U.S.A


۸.Eco-Political Changes Of Wast Europe By Artorey Poular Skey

Translated by Dr.abdulali.Gharm First edition,۱۹۹۰ ۱۸۰ pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

Same sorreyivg of political changen in east europe up to the end of worldwar II are available and hete you can find a basis of analyzing eco-socio-political vhanges of this area.


۹.Sociology Of Political Parties By: Robert Michler

Translated by Dr.Ahmet Naghibzadeh forst edition (new version),۲۰۰۲ ۲۴۸ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

This book reveals some socica truths (facts) that are hidden under the ideological gires you the subjects about sociology and psycology and politics, that you can’t find them in the other books.


۱۰.Changes Of Internatiocal Relations (From Uien Conress Up to now)

By: Dr.Ahmet Naghibzadeh ۲th edition ۲۰۰۵ (new and updated version) ۳۲۰ Pgs,۲۹۰۰۰ Rls

The subjects of the book includes these parts, These are surreying the international changen,important world phenomenons from ۱۸۱۸ up to the first world war,and analyzing the world situations between the years of ۲ world wars, and main international problems from ۲d worldwarup to the breaking up of soviet and the end of cold war, and world conditions in the last decade of ۲۰th centurary and characteristics of the world in the new thousund.


۱۱.De-centra lication & local government by Dr.Abu-Ghasem Taheri

۴th edition ۱۹۹۹ ۲۴۰ Pgs

Here the fous in on the necessity of creating the local government and its importance in democracy growth and expansion of sociowisdom of people and duration and protcction and country indpendence. Consiquently, thed lseds to the reducing of pressure on government and the providing the local needs by means of loco-financial credits by local people. This is sue increases the social wisdom and the people’s responsibility and creating talents and also their self-can fidences.


۱۲. Saviet and ۳th world

By: karol siy vetz, silia woodbuy translated by Alireza Tabe ۱th edition,۱۹۹۱ ۲۴۷ Pgs, ۸۵۰۰ Rls

This book talks about the soviet withdrawing from third world and about the problem they fced in their work.There are subjets of surreying the inter,ferenc tools and the fining facuors of soviet contact in third world that is related to the antecedcedent of its trainintg in this case.



By: robbin wright Translated by Ali Ardisheh ۱th edition,۱۹۹۳ ۱۸۰ Pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

It contains individual notes and a deduction of a western journalist about the states of middle east and islamic republic of iran, that is given in base of the recent phenomenons between ۱۹۸۰s and ۱۹۷۰s.


۱۴.International relatins (in theory and practice) (the best book in ۱۹۹۴)

by:Dr.Seiyed.Ali.A.Kazemi ۳th edition, ۱۹۹۸ ۶۷۲ Pgs,۳۲۰۰۰ Pls

Some basic and important information are given to readers for realizing the coccepts and phenomenons that are related to the international kelations.


۱۵.Change of political thought in ancient east

By Dr.farhang Rayaaei ۲th edition, ۱۹۹۵ ۲۲۴ Pgs,۸۰۰۰ Rls

The main purpos of this book is giving a basic plan of poletical thought’s change in east. That is fron to china.Infoct, deeping and investing in east get throngh to one of the aspect about self-realizing and also is a main step to enrch the movement of backwarding to oneself.


۱۶.Surrey the theories of revolutiow

By: Dr.Mostafah Malakootian ۴th edition,۲۰۰۲ ۱۷۰ Pgs,۱۵۰۰۰ Rls

The author in troduces you some popular and major views about revolution.In addition,He gives short assesment and critism at the end of sone subjects.


۱۷. offemive ideas about international relations (۲ volumes)

By: James Dowerti,Robbert.F Translated by Alireza Tabe Vahid Bozorgi ۳th editin,۲۰۰۴

This is one of the most general educating source about international relations.The authors tried to introduce them inorder to provides these aims:

۱.To acquire readers with the military base.

۲.Scientific curiosity & movement.

۳.To introduce the sources abot opposed and unopposed ideas.


۱۸.Blue Helmets (United Nation’s peacekeepess)

By: The universal information department of the united nations Traslated by Ali.M.saed.Ghazi First edition ۱۹۹۴ ۵۲۰ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

The subject is about keeping the peace and universal security that according to articles ۶ and ۷ of the united nations charted, security council is responsible for it.Beside it has a surreying about subjects which bgue helmets profounded in order to keep the peace in last part.There is a explantion of ariticl ۶ and ۷ of the charter in united nation.


۱۹.The Nature of Foreign Policy Malcing

By: Jame Barber,Micheal Smith Translated by Dr.Hossein Sielzadeh ۳th edition,۲۰۰۲ ۳۵۵ Pgs,۲۲۰۰۰ Rls

There are same explanations about ۲۷ views of polecy making and also agreat theoretical scien tific liherature that are surreyed from mine important political aspects.And all of them are resulted from famous people that hare skill in international relations. Readers become familiar with the case of increasing tendency that is a basic means in foreign policy.


۲۰. View points and their use in strategic decisions

By: E.C.Vevtsel Translated by Dr.Jalel Roshandel,Alireza Tabe First edition,۱۹۹۴ ۱۱۲ Pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

Akinng and changing views,in fact,are mathematic wiew about opposed conditions.The purpose of this view is to collect advices for each parterer in order to take a reasonable effort in nay of opposed condition.


۲۱.Empr,pis viewpoints in international relations

By: Dr. Ahmet Naghibzadeh ۱th edition,۱۹۹۴ ۱۶۸ Pgs,۲۴۰۰ Rls

It assesses the vews of international relations which have the more philosopical meaning.Here the views are axis of the book and then international relations is explained and some views are explained which are super visors of this internation relation’s nature.


۲۲.political modernity and the change (some ideas about various alternativen)

By:Dr.S.Hossein seifzadeh ۳th edition ۱۹۹۶ ۲۶۸ pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

The strncture of this book is about all ideas and all arailable patterns about political madernity and changing. It surreys the models and views with an exact evaluation.


۲۳.New order of international economy and south countries

By:Dr.Feraidoon Barkeshli First edetion,۱۹۹۵ ۱۸۸ Pgs,۶۰۰۰ Rls

Trhe writtem is about western ecocomic policy that is adopted after the secod worldwar,and analyzing the pipular agreements of taritt and trade and also it explained the location of third world and reworder of universal economy.


۲۴.The introduction of the eco-political problems in third world.

By Dr.Ahmet Saie ۵th edition,۲۰۰۴ ۲۸۰ Pgs,۱۹۰۰۰ Rls

The subject are about major political problems and surrey these questions these are:How the power is acquried,kept and transferred in third world; How policies are enforced,what’s the problem of gorernment in modernity process,How eco-polec-cultural structure are disproportioned and why?; and how they can success against probleme?


۲۵.The history of western political thonght

By: Dr.Abu Ghasem Taheri ۷th edition,۲۰۰۴ ۳۲۸ Pgs,۲۳۰۰۰ Rls (with eatra subjects,new version)

This written makes student familiar with scientist’s views from ancient greek up to ۱۹ centurary and also with their concipts,phrases,definitions and thonghts. In addition it introduces political thonghts of arabic countries.


۲۶.The role of military in politics (selectedone in ۱۹۹۶)

By:Dr.Alireza Azghandi ۳th edition,۲۰۰۲ ۱۵۶ pgs,۱۰۵۰۰ Rls

This version introduces you the social and customary aspects of militarien in base of new strategies.It gets throngh the traditional and legal duty of military ( peace-keeping) and explains the roles,structures and opertions.


۲۷.International political economy (an effort to acquire power and political econemy)

Here you can find an introduction of internation political economy.That is wretten by createng a necessary antecedent about policies and economy science in seeker’s minds. In addition it reviews the main subjects and leads resders to know the economic subjects which are profoundid in international poletical economy.


۲۸.Politics and ethics (political thought in practice)

By:Dr.Ali.A.Kazemi ۱th edition,۱۹۹۶ ۲۷۲ Pgs,۸۵۰۰ Rls

There is a coceeptual and historical surreying about ethics view in policy as a guid in order to analyze the main claims.It contains the subjects about methodology,historical surreying the ideas of scietists,pholosophers and also therr are subjects about this location in contemprorary thonght and in policy area and international relations.


۲۹.Political development (new version)

By:Burtrun Bady Translated by Dr.Ahmet Naghibzadeh ۳th edition ۲۰۰۴ ۲۱۶ Pgs, ۱۸۰۰۰ Rls

Most of the published books about political development are about beyond the athlantic.But this one has completed thepermanet vacancy resulting from a poor-attention of politics and even political sociology of france. The subjects of this book are beyond the itroduction of ideas and models in political development


۳۰. the modernity crisis and political culture in contemporary iran

By:Dr.Aliasghar Kazemi ۲th edition,۲۰۰۲ ۲۴۶ Pgs,۱۷۰۰۰ Rls

This is a collection of ideas about sociology and political thorghts,ideas and philosophy which are used for profounding »the modenity & custom« problem. This problem is searched in a political classifying with regard to depth of the book and sobjects resulting from symbiosois between custom and modernity or resulting from differences.


۳۱.The challergo of south the report of south commission translated by

Ebrahim (Abraham) Khalili First edition,۱۹۹۷ ۳۰۴ Pgs,۹۰۰۰ Rls

south commission is going to present suitable adevices about usful strategies in order to develop the south countries in ۱۹۹۰s and after that.All of these advices are suitable that by help of them,south countries can adupt their strategy with regard to present internation conditions.


۳۲.Theories of imperialism

By:Dr.Ahmed saie ۴th edition ۲۰۰۴ ۲۷۰ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

The scientific structure of the book is about the introduction and crisis of imperialism’s theories and also gives you theories of some subject.This book surreys the most recent theories of imperialism by means of various sources.


۳۳.international relations and idieology

By:Dr.Aku sadeghi ۱th edition,۱۹۹۷ ۵۳۶ Pgs,۱۸۰۰۰ Rls

This is written inorder to introduce and announce western society in a short period (۱۹۴۵-۱۹۱۷). It surreys these two main issuen:Isieology and international relations-that in his view this is a source of went’s changes, beside it explains and surreys the contact of these idieology: democracy,communolism and fascism.


۳۴. Political elite of Iran between two rerolutions

By: Dr.Alireza Azghandi ۲th,۲۰۰۰ ۲۰۸ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

This book’s purpose is to recognize if there was a change in operational analysis after compiling the constituation and its supplement,as done at a theoritical and cawful level in goverment (a basic change had done) and who possessed super authority in ruling era and with whch source they did?


۳۵.Development and modernization (in seek of substitue mental bases)

By: S.c.Dayoob Translated by: Dr.S.Ahmet Morasseghi First edition,۱۹۹۸ ۱۹۷ Pgs,۷۵۰۰ Rls

The author had tried to present some new solutione in the theoritical base which response the eco-histo-socio-cultural condifions of eastern societies and third word. He surreys the opinions and modernization and development and then he reviews them.


۳۶.The politics of middle east oil (collection of the raymond group’s theorien,lodeon ۱۹۹۸)

Translated by: Dr.F.Balcshli First edition,۹۵۰۰ Rls

This book is regulated in base of one of the limited publishings of raymond group in london that reflects some of their theories about oil problems,policy of middle east and persian gulf that is an important era. Their,business are the oil problems and persian gulf and various (some) political aspects of these problems. You know that the persian culg play a major rale in oil policy. It has ۷۰% of oil sourcen in the world.


۳۷.The dacumentary hestory of the bilateral relatione of U.S.A and Iran.

By: Yonal Alexandra,Allen Nonnz Translated by:Dr.Saideh Lotfieyan,Ahmet Sadeghi First edition ۱۹۹۹ ۷۸۸ Pgs,۳۶۰۰۰ Rls

Althongh there is a dipolamtic rapture between U.S.A and Iran,bhut islamic republic of Iran plays the important strategic roles in foreign policy of U.S.A. So it still has a precise location in persian gulf and also in universal regime. This book has some great documents related to the history of the bilateral relations of Iran and U.S.A befor rerolution. So this book can be a suitable source in term of correct recognizing these challengs, if the right decisions about future need some information about past actions and their causes (factors).


۳۸. Foreign relations of Iran (from ۱۹۴۱-۱۹۷۹)

by: Dr.Alereza Azghandi ۴th edition ۲۰۰۴ ۵۱۲ Pgs,۳۳۰۰۰ Rls

Here this book regulaten the scientific conformity level of Iran’s foreign policy in the ۳۴ year period under the power of king Mohamadreza pahlani .This regulation is done (performed) by two views and opposed strategies those are »negative balance« and »positive nationalism«


۳۹. The challenges to political development

By: Dr.Abdul Ali Gharam ۳th edition ۲۰۰۲ ۱۷۶ Pgs,۱۴۰۰۰ Rls

Political development is a concept that had some various issuen in its nature and aloso some challengs lilce. Encounter of tradetionalism and modernization,power keqsing and redistribute it, aboundism against unraritiability of political regime & etc. the purposes can be provided with a political mangment high skill by correct and realism plans.In adde tion you see some contractictism between the actions of goverments for political dovelopment and the globalization process.The setting of the tradition aole in gavernment and the adjusment of the political pattern of development are resulted from this process in base of new cobcepts of legilimacy, authority, society and government benefits.


۴۰.the research method in political science

By: Dr.Abu ghasem Aaheri ۵th edition,۲۰۰۵ ۲۳۲ Pgs,۲۲۰۰۰ Rls

It helps students to recogneze the scientific research methods. In a way which they could complete theit searching problems and leacn some process of research from concept making of subjects to the explantion of the data and the way of changing them from a bstract to junction.


۴۱. The clobalization of politics and culure (theoritical analysis and crisis)

By: Dr.Ali.A.Kazemi First edition,۲۰۰۱ ۳۲۸ Pgs,۱۵۰۰۰ Rls

This book is a product of a simple curiousity about ghobalization but from another viewpoint. In fact it propouwds stange information and critical reflecting the current science. This shows the result and baclcground of globalization with a theoritical analysis and recognizing wisdom of special thoughts in tqo in realms that are culture & policy.


۴۲.The foreign policy of islamic republic of Iran

By.Dr.Alireza Azghandi ۲th edition,۲۰۰۳ ۲۵۶ Pgs,۱۶۰۰۰ Rls

The foreigh policy of islamic republic of Iran is still unique. Because of its structure and its soci-political location (and geogrophical location) and the view of policy malcers and excutors and the roles of them in foreign policy. The purpose is to offer you a multi-rason and scientific analysis that cauld explain the successes and failuren of foreign policy. This is done with surreying the principles politics, structures, process and the characteristic’s of diplomatic factors.


۴۳.The end of politics and the last myth (critic order in years of after politics) (centuary ۲۱)

By:Dr.Ali.A.Kazemi First edition ۲۰۰۲ ۳۸۴ Pgs,۲۲۰۰۰ Rls

This a reflex of gradual change in theory and the way of treating the policy and power (policyedn) can be called a »manner theory,that is now judged and criticied in a ling term period after passing the theoritical /analyzical and critical problem of political action and method.


Psychology,Training sciences and sociology

۱.»Psychology of« exceptional children and teenagers

By: Dr.Behrooz Milanifar ۱۴th edition, ۲۰۰۴ ۳۸۴ Pgs. ۲۴۰۰۰ Rls

Here are subjects about exceptional peiple and recognizings themand the related psychic problems and also som subjects about prerenting and curing them and recognizing clerer and talented children and effectire factors in creating psychicdisorders. At the edn theere is a necessity for knowing new information and sources in this cannection .


۲. Mental health

By: Dr.Behrooz Milanifar ۷th edition ۲۰۰۳ ۲۸۰ Pgs,۱۷۰۰۰ Rls

It analysis the desire to education and emphasises the knowing safe and powerful society and also the intrent and tensency to remore these disabilities.


۳.Fundamental concepts (in searching of group)

By: Dr.Hassan Ahde,Mahdeeh Salehi and Shokuh.S.Banigamali Furst edition,۱۹۹۴ ۱۱۲ Pgs,۴۰۰۰ Rls

The purpose of the book is propounding basis concepts of searchings in groups. It has some subjects about leading and controling methods and effective ones for rulling groups and collecting actions.


۴. Undrentanding educational research

By: Deo Batabi and Van Dalen Translated by Dr.Gahfar Nagafu.R Furst edutuib.۱۹۹۴ ۶۲U Pgs,۱۲۰۰۰ Rls

It helps students to understand the process of researches in eductional science and to respect scientific psyche throngh their reserching.


Accounting & Management

۱.Methods engineering

By:Dr.S.Hossein Abtahi and Armen Mehroojan ۲th edition,۱۹۹۷ ۲۸۸ Pgs,۶۵۰۰ Rls

It is writhen in order to teach the »analysis of methods and systems« course and »Method and work measuring« courde of industrial management and, methods engineering course of industry edgineering. It is useful for factors of industany officials and also management of organizations in order to increase their input.


۲. Dictionary of management

By:Dr.S.Hossein Abtahi/ Armen Mehroojan ۲th edition,۱۹۹۷ ۴۰۰ Pgs,۱۲۰۰۰ Rls

This bilingual (english-persian) dictionary contains phrases and words of camputor issues and insurance,Bankary state management and industany and commerce management.


۳. English accounting

by:Hassan Kazemi.Shreit Parali ۶th edition,۲۰۰۴ ۲۰۲ Pgs,۱۸۰۰۰ Rls

This is for students of accounting, and management as their special english course.(This is compiled for students whose courses are management and accouning as their special langnage course)


۴.Muni cipalition administration

By:Dr.Abu Ghasem Taheri First edition,۱۹۹۸ ۳۱۶ pgs,۱۰۵۰۰ Rls

It introduces you with techniques and methods and the way of administrating the officials of the munipals.Beside it surreys the relation of culture and management and its effect on some parts of organization and also surveys the creating of arganizational culture.


۵.Fundamentals of analysis and systems

By:Gerry and Ardrea Fitz Gerald Translated by Mohammad.T.Ziyae.B and Dr.Hassan Madrakiyan First edition,۱۹۹۸ ۴۱۶ Pgs,۱۶۰۰۰ Rls

This is one of the most prominent monuments of a embossed professor and researecher whose name is Dr.Gerry Fitz Gerald. It has ۱۲ chapters and there he surreys performed basis and methods in system analysing.


۶. Organizational culture and management

By:Dr.Fattah Sharifzadeh/ Mehdi.K First edition,۱۹۹۸ ۱۴۰ Pgs,۵۵۰۰ Rls

First it presents some definitions about organizational and society culture and them surreys the quality of organizational cu۸lture creating and the relation of culture with management and its effect on some parts of organization.


۷.Adranced Homam Resources Management

By:Dr.S.Hossein Abtahi. First edition,۱۹۹۸ ۱۲۴ Pgs,۵۰۰۰ Rls

The sobjects are about new cases in pripounding information about homan resource management and employment methods.And in some parts it notices to use of rech culture of islan.This is for B.A and A>M and P.H.D students of management and also the managersof organizations. (it is recommended to the students of B.A A.M & P.H.D and managers of ofrganizations)



۱.Saline waters in Irsn (۲th volume)

By: Dr.Parviz Kardowani ۲th edition,۱۹۹۲ ۲۹۰ pgs,۱۵۰۰۰ Rls

The base of book is about the complete recognizing the characteris tics of saline waters and its reasons and also the disadran tager resulted from that.And knowing the ways of using that directly and the way of softening those salire waters and also the problems and facilitie of this action in Iran are explained in this book.


۲. Generalities of continents

By:S.Rahim Mogheri ۴th edition,۲۰۰۲ ۳۸۴ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

The subjects »continents and their geographical condetion«,»human geography«,»historicalrecords«,»descent&population«,»langrnage«,»government«,»neligion and economic geography and agriculture economy« are surreyed nere in order to explain the dispersions of lands.


۳.Statistics and datd analysis in geography

By: Dr.Masoud Mahdavi ۳th edition,۱۹۹۸ ۲۱۶ Pgs,۷۵۰۰ Rls

It tries to surrey the subjects related to geography and the subjects which are suitable for B.A students of »geography«.


۴.The application of geomorphology to landscape efficiency and inviroment

By: Dr,Abu Hamid Rajae ۲th,۲۰۰۳ ۳۴۴ Pgs,۲۴۰۰۰ Rls

Unpleasant effects of natural accididents in undevelopment untries,where people are subdued by circumferental factors, leads to change the endency of theoritical science to practical and creating one, especially in geography.


۵.Practical geomorphology (planning and regional construcion)

by:Dr.Abu Hamid Ragae First edition ۳۲۸ pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

It explains concepts,relations and methods.For,some foctors caused the develophment of geomorphology. It makes relations between morphology and human data and then emphasized on npractical aspects of planning and regional construction.


۶.Population geography

By:Dr.Masoud Mhdavi ۷th edition,۲۰۰۴ ۲۴۸ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

It notices two main aims First propounding available Principles and heories about population geography and next studing the basis subjects which are necessary for students whose courses are population geography.


۷.Geogrophy of lands

By:Prof.Jan Oresh Translated by Shahreyar Khaledi First edition,۱۹۹۴ ۳۶۴ Pgs,۵۵۰۰ Rls

There is a surreying of various problems in land and their solutions. This is for the students who study:Aerology,Biology,Ecology,animal-plant-human geography,Cocstruction,History and building and for soil experts and water experts.


۸.Iran Aqua Ecosystems

By: Dr.Parviz Kardouani Persian gulfis important from various aspects.And is the most important section of world.This book has some information about ecosystem of this area and its problems.


۹.Irab Aqua Ecosystems »Caspian sea«

by:Dr.Parviz Kardovane First edition,۱۹۹۵ ۳۲۵ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

It talks about the quality of crenting and changing of biomes and the kinds and characteristis of this ecosystem. Then it explains its importance by various aspects and its triatening factors and the methods of preventing irrgnlar humting.


۱۰.Applied Climatolog

By:Dr.Shahyar Khaledi First edition,۱۹۹۵ ۲۹۶ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

It introduces maturial geography in advanced level and notices to many important points for it is very spread. It is writhen for teaching in geography course for B.A and A.M students and also for educating climatology organization and for other universities.


۱۱.Natural Ecosystems (Volume ۱th)

By: Dr. Pzrviz Kardorani ۲th,۲۰۰۱ ۲۸۸ Pgs,۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

It surreys natural ecosystems in general, the aquq and land ones.


۱۲.Practecal Climatolohy

By:Jissel Oskwro Translated by Dr Shahryar Khaledi First edition,۱۹۹۶ ۲۱۶ Pgs,۱۲۰۰۰ Rls

This book has two major purposes. First to help students at B.A inorder to explain and know the aqua and climatology,Plans,maps,etc. And then to access to whow desiv to work in the aqua researches.


۱۳.An introduction to nomadism economy in Iran

By:Dr.rahim Mosheri,De Nassrallah Molaee First edition,۲۰۰۰ ۲۳۲ Pgs,۱۱۰۰۰ Rls

Iranian tribes play an important role in terms of economy. For they produce major amount of dairly,next,and other annl: pooducts for their needs and for citiezenstoo. This prorides their seeds. So it is necessary to know the economic activities of tribes inorder to mak programs.


۱۴.Geomorphology Og Iran

By:Dr.Mahmoud Allaeo Talaghani ۲th,۲۰۰۳ ۴۱۶ Pgs,۲۵۰۰۰ Rls

This subject settles to know,classity and regulate the uneven forms which are expanded in the political geography of Iran and in natural area of Iran platedu. If has been regulated of ۱۴ chapters which match the university’s standards.


Enlish Language

۱.Oxford ledrner’s dictionary (English-persian)

By: Ezabel Mc Kaylc and Marthin Minser Tranlated by Parvize Birgandi and others ۵th edition,۲۰۰۱ ۵۵۲ Pgs,۴۰۰۰۰ Rls

This dictionary is for students in order to find equralents for common english phrases and words. It has ۵۵۰۰ words in persian with examples.


۲.Techniques in testing

By:Harold S.Madsen ۳th edition,۱۹۹۶ ۲۱۰ pgs/۳۰۰۰ Rls

۳. Dictionary of abbreviations (English-Persian)

By:Nancy machal Translated by Ami Sievani First edition,۱۹۹۲ ۴۸۷ Pgs,۱۰۰۰۰ Rls

It has orer & ۰۰۰ abbrirations with comple phrades/ etc. This dictionary is a general and popular one.


۴.Dictionary of »Important grammar points«

By:W.G.Yiu Traslared by Amir Divani First edition,۱۹۹۲ ۲۵۴ Pgs,۵۰۰۰ Rls

This one regulats the mopst inportant gtrammar categories in a correct order wi۸th examples and it is an easy way to refer to subjects.


۵.Dictionry of common words

by:Bijan Hashemipoor First edition,۱۹۹۳ ۴۳۰ Pgs,۱۰۰۰۰ Rls

It is written by usage of some literary/ advanced and techinical sources (bilingnal and monolingnal ) and it teies to give advantages from suitable relations.


۶.The basic grammar in english

By:S.Modaresi Gazvini First edition,۱۹۹۳ ۴۴۸ Pgs,۱۰۰۰۰ Rls

It is going to express grammar notes and help students to increas their learning ability in terms of grammer although the langnage and phrase sciences are poor.


۷. ۸۰۰ English Tests

By: Dr.P.Birjandi and others ۶th edition,۱۹۹۶ ۱۳۲ Pgs,۶۵۰۰ Rls

It is a collection of tests for students in order to pass the university exams. The base of these tests result from highschool’s books.



۱.Social history basis of Iran (updated coverage of subjects and new version)

By:Dr.Reza Shaebani ۸th edition ۲۰۰۳ ۲۸۶ Pgs, ۲۰۰۰۰ Rls

The subjects are about: surreying the lifee methods; the way to fins humanity history which exists in a cocation for about thousand years and carry one of the famous and greatest universal cultures. And they passed many dangers in order to iceup their cife.


۲.Social history of Iran under Afsharieh age (volumn۱)

By:Dr.Reza Shaebani ۲th edition,۱۹۹۸ ۴۶۸ Pgs, ۲۵۰۰۰ Rls

It explains the life of ordinary people and orher tribes and social groups (parties). Them it expresses their relations and efforts in making national identity and ordering problems.


۳. Social history of Iran under Afsharieh Age (volumn ۲)

By: Dr.R.Shaebani First edition,۱۹۹۶ ۲۰۸ Pgs, ۱۲۰۰۰ Rls

The main subject of the book is about the part of the social life of iraninan peoples or »famous abscure people of afsharieh age«. And this book surreys the great age of major military talents and the most impotant and. The greatest famous commandor of this age who was NaderShah (king Nader).


۱.The international law dectionary

by: Robbert Beldsow, Bouslov Boschov translated by Dr.Ali R.Parsa First edition ۱۹۹۶

This an original book with ۳۶۸ subjects about uarious problems that are classified according to the recent theoritical and practical changes in international law.It is for sudents of science of politics; internation relations,and law years and legal persons.


۲.International law in practice

by:Dominique carreau Translated by Dr.Mostafah T.Ansari First edition,۱۹۹۶ ۵۲۷ pgs, ۱۶۰۵۰ Rls

The author regulates the internation law in practice. It means (that is) those law which are created from international treating between people as documents,treatys, opinions, rules and etc.


۳. Ponal law of enviroment

By:Dr Mostafah T. Ansari First edition,۱۹۹۷ ۱۹۲ Pgs, ۶۰۰۰ Rls

It answers the questions and problems about edviroment by the penal law pointofvien.Besides it surreys enriroment ponal laws in Iran and also it surveys them in othyer countries comparatively. At the edn it explains legal and practical method and issued rules.


۴. General international law (introduction of the history of international law)

By: Prof.Demenique Carreau Translated by Dr.Mastafah T. Ansari First edition ۲۰۰۰ ۲۸۸ pgs, ۱۴۰۰۰ Rls

The incrasing processof globalization and new human theories of international society given a new theory about international law theat is similar to the facts wich are destinct from classic international law.And the titles are contemproray to issued plans of the cultural rerolution staff. It is for B.A courses.


۵. General international law (introduction of friendly relations and hostile relations between internation law followers) (recentchanges)

By: Dr.Mostafh T.Ansari First edition,۲۰۰۰ ۲۸۰ Pgs, ۱۷۰۰۰ Rls

Nowdays, there are other factors which play a rele in contemprorary international society rather that government, such as international organizations or legal persons who are called followers of international law. So the message of this law is similar to local law/ That is to regulate the relations of these followers and factors and there some rules are enected in order to malce their relations regal.


۶. law of international organization

By:Dr.Mostafah. T.Ansari First edition ۲۰۰۱ ۲۳۶ pgs, ۱۷۰۰۰ Rls

Nodage international organization are the activiest factors in lutemational law that play an important role in peace-keeping and universal constancy. It explains rulling principles and surreys the unitednation and their activity as a comon sample in internatinal organizations.



۱.The first step of hell

By Alexander soulyins teem Translated by Abbous kahbar First editions ۱۹۹۲ ۷۳۵ Pgs,۱۷۰۰۰ Rls

This novel is the fate of a high-level deplomalist who is involred in sicurity organization when he tries to release his family doctor.The author had tried to use new concepts of philosophical and moral and ethics values. It has won the hobelprize in ۱۹۷۰ and it’s publishing has been forb iddem for ۲۰ years in soviet.


۲.Stebbens (chemistry)

By:Hassan Amini First edition ۱۹۹۵ ۲۵۵ pgs, ۷۵۰۰ Rls

some instructor tests are collected in this book.


۳.Introduction of shalcespear’s comedies and tragedies

By: Alla’h din Pazarghadi First edition ۱۹۹۴ ۳۵۰ Pgs, ۸۵۰۰ Rls

This book completes other books of pazarghadi to reflect some different statenents in order to know Shakespear and his playis. And it is a gook guide for Shokespear follwers.





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